Arvid Steen


Illustrations for Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Information pamphlet distributed to all homes in Sweden


I'm developing a kids TV-show (22x11) in collaboration with Copenhagen Bombay

Searching for Sugar Man

I directed the animated scenes in the ACADEMY AWARD® -winning documentary.

Candy Crush and The Emoji Movie

Made this cute ad with my collegues at King

Illustration for The City of Stockholm

The city councils campaign for youth culture

Bubble Witch 3 Launch Trailer

Made this epic cinematic trailer with my collegues at King

Samsung New Angle

Did storyboard and visual development for this ad by Henrik Sundgren

Two Trains Runnin'

I directed the animation in this beautiful documentary by Sam Pollard.

Abbot Freestyle Libre

I directed this infomercial for Freestyle Libre. Every frame is hand drawn.

Sibylla Future Fries

I did these quirky spots for classic fast food brand Sibylla. They're animated, yet not really animated.

Loka Blueberry Herders

I did storyboard for this magical spot by Tom Malmros

Out in the Night

I did some animation and graphics for this very important documentary

Canal Digital

Did this storyboard for a pitch by Jens Jonsson

Majken och Kalle

Childrens book, written and illustrated by me

Red Cross

Storyboard for this chistmas spot

Storyboard for SAS

I helped Jesper Ganslandt at Giants and Toys out with this Storyboard for an airline.

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